Fiberglass Tub Repair Contractor in Bend, OR Who Will Make Your Old Tub Like New Again

Repairing your existing tub certainly is the eco-friendly and cost-efficient solution for anyone wishing to extend the life and improve the appearance of their bathroom. Dull and cracked fiberglass bathtubs should not be discarded right away and replaced with new ones. Based in Bend, OR and serving Alfalfa, OR, our technicians offer meticulous fiberglass repair services that make the surface beautiful again. So, who are we? The answer would be no other than West Coast Tub Repair! What do we have to offer? Keep reading and find out!

About Our Services

Backed by over three decades in the fiberglass repair industry, today we specialize in professional tub repair, and we can fix cracks, chips, holes, nicks, and other signs of damage. We can also perform expert vinyl window repairs and assist in various new construction and existing construction or remodeling projects.

Fiberglass tub repair

There When You Need Us

Over the course of time and depending on the frequency of use, fiberglass tubs, showers, and one-piece units can develop stress cracks and sometimes even structural cracks. It is important to take care of even the smallest cracks and chips before they grow larger and start to leak. Water that is trapped beneath the fixture will lead to water damage and mold appearance. Fortunately for you, West Coast Tub Repair is the fiberglass tub repair contractor who can repair the cracks and restore the appearance of your fiberglass bathtub or shower with ease! Residential and commercial property owners all around Bend, OR have a lot to gain from our expert fiberglass replacement service as well!

About Our Work Process

Our professional, licensed, and insured technicians have the skills and equipment to repair and finish your tub within a short period of time. With us, your inconvenience is minimized as we can fix cracks, stop leaks, and even restore the color of your fiberglass tub or shower in a timely manner!

Do you need a top-notch fiberglass tub repair service? Call our technicians today for more information and appointments!

Client’s Testimonial

by Peggy Miller on West Coast Tub Repair
Fantastic work & communication

It’s so rare to find an outstanding company these days! This company deserves the juiciest ranking available for quality and timeliness and spot on communication.

West Coast Tub Repair
Address: Bend, OR 97701
Phone: (541) 216-4581

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