Fiberglass Replacement Service Tips

DIY Fiberglass Tub Repair: Tips for Fixing a Scratched or Cracked Bathtub  

If you are considering repairing your bathtub, and do not want to hire a professional fiberglass replacement service such as West Coast Tub Repair, then the following tips are a must-read.

First, you need to bear in mind that a fiberglass tub is not an old piece of lawn furniture that can be repaired using a can of spray paint. If you want to do DIY repairs, you must use materials that have been designed specifically to repair fiberglass. When fiberglass products are molded, the color of the item will be mixed with the gel coat. Meaning, when it comes out of the mold, the final finish was the first layer that was placed in the mold.

Any repair that involves sanding a scratch or gouge, and spraying paint placed over the damage will not last for long. It may look presentable, however, chlorine cleansers will also fade or discolor the fiberglass repair, and in no time it will end up looking worse than the original damage you were trying to repair. A proper fiberglass repair will require using a fiberglass tub repair kit that contains fillers that have been designed specifically for the job. The key to success will be that the acrylic color is mixed into the filler, and not applied over the repair.

More severe damage that may occur over time, like cracks that go through the tub or even holes, can, contrary to popular belief, be repaired. Fiberglass is an extremely versatile product that is easier to repair than most other building materials. Fiberglass mats can be applied on the bottom of a damaged tub floor, which will reinforce an area that is not supported properly.

Totally refinishing an old bathtub will often produce almost new-like conditions. For example, you are tired of the pink-colored tub, consider updating the color using a new gel coat that has been infused with a more updated pigment that will make your bathtub look like new.

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