Here’s How to Properly Care for Your Fiberglass Tub

Tips from Fiberglass Replacement Service Providers

Many people don’t pay much attention to their fiberglass bathtubs and end up getting a fiberglass replacement service when their tubs become too damaged for repair. If you’re a homeowner, you’ll want to avoid this scenario to save time and money and spare yourself from hassle. Instead of ignoring your tub, take the time to do the following:

Clean your tub regularly

Soap and scum can build up in your tub, and they become difficult to remove if you allow them to linger on the surface for a long time. To make tub cleaning easier and less stressful, do it on a regular basis. For instance, you can schedule Saturdays or Sundays as your “tub cleaning day” and take a few minutes on these days to scrub your bathtub.

Pro tip: Make sure to rinse off dirt and scum before you start scrubbing the tub. Grime can act as a sandpaper and will, therefore, scratch the fiberglass if you start scrubbing it into the surface.

Use gentle cleaning products and tools

Fiberglass can be easily damaged when you use abrasive cleaners. So, when cleaning your tub, look for products that don’t contain any abrasive ingredients. Some of your best options are plain liquid dish soaps. You can also use diluted mixtures of baking soda and warm water or trisodium phosphate and warm water. Make sure the powder is fully dissolved before applying the mixture to your tub.

Aside from using the right cleaners, you should also choose the right cleaning tools. These include soft sponges or washcloths. Avoid steel wool, scrub brushes, and abrasive scouring pads since their rough surfaces can create scratches on your fiberglass tub.

Call repair experts ASAP

Even if you properly maintain your tub, it might still develop cracks and other issues due to wear and tear and other factors. When you notice any type of damage to your tub, call a fiberglass repair specialist right away so they can fix the damage and prevent further problems.

Keep your fiberglass tub in good shape by taking these steps! If you need help with fixing your bathtub, contact West Coast Tub Repair and use our fiberglass repair solutions in Bend, OR. Call us now at (541) 216-4581! You can also inquire about our fiberglass replacement service.