Should You Opt for Refinishing or Reglazing When Considering Professional Tub Repair?

Does Your Bathtub Need a Makeover? How to Find the Best Option  

When it comes to professional tub repair, there are several options available. The following are what they entail, and if they are what you are looking for.

Bathtub reglazing or refinishing what does it entail?

This renovation option is known by many names, resurfacing, recoating, refinishing, or reglazing, and is a straightforward process. An expert will begin by first sanding down the tub’s surface, filling in any cracked or worn areas, and then applying multiple coats of primer and paint before performing a final buffing.

However, this is considered a temporary fix, as reglazing is said to be a purely cosmetic update.

Will it work for your tub?

If your pre-existing bathtub is in pretty good condition, however, is covered in minor stains, scratches, or other such imperfections, reglazing is a good option. It is also ideal for certain bathtubs, for example, homeowners that are lucky enough to have an antique claw-foot tub made from cast iron, it is absolutely the way.

Acrylic bathtubs can be reglazed too, just as long as they do not have too many significant issues.


  • Reglazing is the most affordable option available and can cost from $200-$650 on average.

  • It’s quick, and only takes a day to complete!


  • The substances used to reglaze a tub can be dangerous. As they are toxic and the homeowner would have to leave their home for a day or two so the house can be properly ventilated.

  • Reglazing can only be done once. If you get a poor job, then you will have to proceed to other options.

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